Free CD Project

1G UK offers a free CD service throughout the UK.
You can pick up free CD’s from our stall at numerous events or use the contact us feature, to notify us of which CD(s) you want, and we will post out the CD’s to you for FREE!

There’s only one condition, you promise to listen. :-)

1G offers this free service on the following CD’s:

1) Numerous Sikh History Talks – Bhai Parminder Singh (MP3 – English)
2) Nitnem – The Daily Sikh Prayers (7 Banis) (Audio)
3) Sukhmani Sahib Katha – Giani Thakur Singh Ji (MP3 – Punjabi)
4) Gurmat Rahni – Giani Thakur Singh Ji (MP3 – Punjabi)

When contacting us please include, your Full Name, Choice of CD(s) and your full postal address.
(1G will not store personal information).