English Books

Here is a selection of must read English books/pamphlets about Sikhism:
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Discover Sikhi – The Basics! – a very small leaflet (can print and distribute) looking at the very basic principles of a Sikh way of life.
Sacrifice – April 1978 13 Singhs peacefully protesting were killed in 1978 – here is their story. Produced by AKJ UK.
Operation Bluestar – June 1984 - Produced by AKJ UK, looking at the events of June 1984.
Sikh Code of Conduct (Rehat Marayada) - The Sikh Code of Conduct.
Respect of Gurbani - How show respect to the Guru’s word.
Sri Dasam Granth Booklet - looking into the composition of the 10th masters work.

Books (History)
Guru Granth Sahib Ji Darshan - By Sant Seva Singh Jee, looking into the history and authors of Gurbani.
Life and Teachings of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji - looking into the life of the 9th King, and what teachings they gave us, Please Note; This book is a scan of pages put into a PDF.
The Great Sikh Women - the lives of a number of great sikh women to take birth within the sikh fold. A must read for our sisters!!

Books (Various topics):
The Gallent Defender – Sant Jarnail Singh Jee – looking into the events leading up to 1984, and a day to day anaylsy of June 1984.
Who are the Guilty? – November 1984 - a fact based book into the events of November 1984.
Intoxicants – Humanitys Enemy - by Sant Seva Singh

Books (Sprituality):
Bandaginama – Bhai Raghbir Singh - looking at different levels of sprituality and spritual progression.
Se Kineha – How is the Lord? – Sant Harnaam Singh Jee - An inspriational and recommened reading regarding how to live a pure sikh lifestyle.